Teflon Coated Fabric PTFE


PTFE (polytetrafluoroethlyene) coated high translucency fabric is a dynamic tensile material unmatched for its aesthetics and durability making it ideal for large scale roof and tensile membrane structures. 

PTFE coating is chemically inert and capable of withstanding a wide range of temperatures in any climate. The low-surface adhesion properties of the material result in a fabric membrane which is easily cleaned by rainwater and is immune to UV radiation.

PTFE's “non-stick” attributes, when coated with titanium dioxide (TiO2) photo-catalyst provide self cleaning properties that are superior to conventional PTFE coating. Called the Photo-catalytic decomposition process, a self cleaning action that occurs as the TiO2 causes any organic matter (stain or pollutant) to decompose through simple oxidation. The residue does not adhere to the surface and is washed away by an occasional rinsing or naturally with rain.

PTFE high translucency fabric, is ideally suited for all commercial and retail market sectors. By evenly dispersing daylight, this material is a very attractive option for facilities such as shopping malls, auto dealerships, sports or office complexes where interior landscaping is present. Inside tensile translucent roof systems plants have the opportunity to grow more naturally. With the fabric membranes highly reflective coating, PTFE fabric serves as a beautiful backdrop for night time, interior lighting or for graphic displays for advertising or brand awareness.

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