Our Approach to Sustainability

We believe that our organisation has to benefit the environment, the local community and we have pledged to de-carbonise our operations and work towards net zero.

Going Net Zero

To align with the latest climate science and international goals to reduce global warming to 1.5 degrees celcius, we have committed to decarbonising our own operations.

We recognise that to achieve net zero we must work with clients, suppliers and partners to innovate and develop ways to reduce Scope 3 (supply chain) emissions. Working with local businesses in Bristol such as Action Net Zero we are working to increase awareness and engagement among our team and to capture accurate data to drive our carbon goals.

Avoiding landfill

This is one of our key environmental goals, we work hard to achieve it across all of our operations from office to site. Whilst waste from fabric structure supply and installation is minimal, there will inevitably be packaging etc. We engage with main contractors from the project outset to understand the waste journey and work with our clients to minimise the impact.

Another example is our IT replacement policy which is based on energy efficiency rather than automatic 3 year replacements. See more on how we avoid landfill on fabric projects with our recent blog post.

Fabric Re-Use & Upcycling

When designing a structure we ensure lifespan is maximised, but also consider the long term plan for the structure and how to make the fabric recoverable, enabling re-use of the valuable waste material when the structure is end of life.

We have had great success re-using dismantled canopies and offcuts by engaging the whole team in this process and utilising our collective network of contacts in the local community, charities, festival circuit and the fabric industry. For example these Glastonbury Festival benches are old railway sleepers covered in re-used PVC for weatherproofing.  See more examples in our blog.

Local regeneration

We love to get involved with local regeneration projects, our quirky team have a lot to offer from expertise and problem solving to fabric off cuts. We can help the creative development of ideas that directly benefit our local community, shape future regeneration and how we live.

We recently assisted our local community centre KWMC with the scheme development of their ‘we can make’ affordable housing project and donated fabric for the show home. This project is at the heart of their mission to drive positive social and economic change in the Knowle community of Bristol.

Supporting social and economic development

At Base we have strong HSEQ management systems, training, H&S and Environmental auditing, and access to professional advice. All of which keep us all focused on our responsibilities and give our clients confidence.

But we are much more than this. As a team we are passionate and excited about the hard work we already do and opportunities we have within our organisation, to reduce our environmental impact, work with local businesses and support social and economic development in our local community.

Being active in the local community

In addition to getting involved in local regeneration projects we encourage our team to get out into the local community and to make positive contributions however small. Such as team environmental days where we might do a bit of littler picking in a local park for example or a beach clean up.

Not only is this good for the local community but it is also great for team building and reducing stress – litter picking is strangely therapeutic!

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