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Inventive City Placemaking

City placemaking is the art and design of creating spaces for public use. Whether that’s through decorative art installations, creating expansive natural spaces or recreational…

Base Structures and City Dressing collaborate on vision for the future of public spaces

We are really excited to announce a collaboration and to introduce a new range of outdoor solutions for socialising this summer in our towns, high…

Safe Outdoor Venues: Getting Your Event Approved This Summer

It feels like a long time since we were all gathered together without restrictions in place, but with lockdown tentatively easing for what we all…

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Base Structures

From stunning canopies, facades and temporary stadia to screening, shade structures and shelters. Base Structures design and build world class tensile fabric structures.

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Headquartered in the UK, Base works across the globe, whether it’s in France, Denmark, America, Iraq or Brazil

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