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Schools and educational establishments, whether primary, secondary, further or higher education, are more than just about learning. They are creative places, and getting the right balance between all the aspects that make up a good school can often be seen as more of an art than a science.

As the new academic year is in full swing and we head into the busy autumn period for schools, colleges and universities, we thought we would take this opportunity to revisit some of the benefits of outdoor fabric canopies for schools, whether it be by protecting learning environments from the elements or increasing capacity and space for learning.

Both indoor and outdoor spaces in schools, colleges and universities need to be more than just functional; they should provide a conducive environment for learning, individual growth and social learning, and there are few better ways to do this than by erecting creative and compelling structures in which to make best use of your school grounds.

Over recent years, outdoor fabric canopies for schools and education facilities have emerged as a versatile solution to enhance the utility and aesthetics of educational buildings – they can often make a big difference with limited disruption and initial outlay in terms of cost. In this article, we will delve deeper into five key benefits of outdoor fabric canopies in education.

Creating Versatile Learning Environments

The idea of moving beyond traditional classroom walls is gaining traction across various educational establishments, and outdoor fabric canopies offer schools, colleges and universities the opportunity to operate in dedicated outdoor classrooms and learning spaces – often on both a temporary or depending on the ask, more permanent basis.

Teachers, students and pupils can harness the learning potential available in their surroundings, whilst at the same time providing shade and shelter in hot pre-summer and early autumn days. Students can engage in hands-on activities, experiments, and group discussions in a refreshing outdoor setting, which not only breaks the monotony of indoor learning but also encourages creativity, exploration, and more provocative conversations about the world around us.

Enhancing School Identity and Aesthetics

There are a number of obvious branding opportunities to be had when creating outdoor tensile structures, and many options, especially canopies, can be customised to suit the environment and nature of the educational facility. There is the opportunity to create ‘statement pieces’ on disused areas of land or outdoor space, for example, which has a positive benefit for the local community and its identity. There is also a more general aesthetic benefit – canopies enhance the overall aesthetics of school grounds or university campus, offering a pleasing environment that can have a profound impact on students’ moods and mindset and thereby contributing to a better overall learning experience.

Sustainability and Environmental Benefits

As we foster the next generation, schools are expected to set an example for sustainable practices and looking after the environment around us. Fabric canopies offer a low embedded carbon build compared to alternative building materials and have long lifespans providing they are well maintained, which would reduce the need for frequent replacements.

By creating shaded outdoor areas, schools and universities can reduce their reliance on energy-intensive air conditioning systems, contributing to energy conservation and reduced carbon emissions.

Promoting Outdoor Activities and Recreation

Some of the larger or more expansive canopies in educational facility grounds offer the perfect space to carry out a wide range of sports – or even create pop up, temporary areas for equipment to be used no matter what the weather. Creating a comfortable and shaded area where students can participate in outdoor games, relax during breaks, or engage in group activities is important to overall student welfare and fosters social interaction and teamwork. There is also the opportunity to deck out and style these small outdoor spaces however each school sees fit, and for a number of different uses.

Protection from Harsh Weather Conditions

The UK weather is getting hotter, and also wetter and more humid, with large downpours in the shoulder seasons not uncommon, as well as other disruptive weather like snow happening each winter. A canopy in an outdoor setting allows education to continue in a stress-free and relatively affordable way – outdoor canopies act as a protective shield and will give educational establishments peace of mind and avoid any last-minute changes of plan when extreme weather does hit. Plenty of the canopies we offer are highly rated against the elements, which includes sunshine, so schools can be sure of effective and high-quality solar shading in the spring and summer months. There’s an added benefit to equipment left outside too, as under a canopy it’ll be less likely to suffer from sun damage.

As we are now heading back to school and the autumn term is starting in earnest, now is a great time to consider what canopies or systems you can put up across the year in time for shade protection next summer, ensuring you make year round use of outdoor spaces. For more information, contact the Base Structures canopy team using the contact form below.

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