Maintain & Replace

We can look after your structure to ensure it remains operational and useful for as long as possible.

Protecting your investment

We believe that you should have the best chance to ensure your canopy delivers results for as long as possible – both for your business and for the benefit of the environment. Read more here about our maintenance and replacement programmes.

Regular Maintenance and Inspection

Tensile structures are dynamic and precisely engineered. Regular maintenance will mitigate the impact of weather damage and general wear-and-tear. We highly recommend an annual inspection at the very least and where necessary carry out any necessary repairs, re-tensioning and cleaning.

Our maintenance packages are bespoke to your structure’s needs and tailored to suit your budget, either as required or on a rolling basis. Contact us today to discuss options if you feel your canopy or structure might benefit from a survey, inspection or maintenance programme.

Replacement Canopies

We have undertaken numerous full canopy replacements where the original canopy has come to the end of its design life and has started to look tired.

A replacement canopy canopy not only improve the look and feel but can provide improved safety and renewed lifespan for your structure. Canopies we have replaced include the iconic Moundstand and Nursery canopies at Lords Cricket Ground, Portobello Market Canopy, Oldham Bus Station, Sainsburys Crayford, Station and more recently Swalec Stadium in Cardiff.

Reducing the Impact of Weather

We recommend an inspection after any significant weather event, including ensuring that your canopy is cleaned every two years as a minimum. If you’re in an area of high pollution or close to trees, for example, you may want to speak to us to discuss a more regular maintenance programme.

Our packages gives you the peace of mind that comes from knowing that you are getting the maximum performance, safety and value from your structure.

Surveys & Hard to reach places

Our wide range of skills goes beyond cleaning and maintaining fabric structures. We’re skilled at working at height, and have considerable rope access expertise, being able to provide a broad range of maintenance a work where access can be difficult. We can offer surveying, painting, glazing repair, cleaning, testing structural cables, wire rope inspections, tie rods and pin connections as well as checking overall stability on complex builds. Examples of our varied works include a recent clean of a glazed walkway, wrapping cables on the Severn Bridge and pipe laying via rope access. We even once fixed a clock on a clock tower!

New fabric technology

During the lifespan of your original canopy it is also likely that fabric technology has moved on and that new and improved fabrics are available that offer greater lifespans, safety and improved weather protections. We can advise on available fabric options for replacing your canopy with the latest technologies.

We can recycle and reuse old canopies to ensure they don’t end up in landfill, too. We have worked with many clients re-using old canopies for the festival circuit, turning into ground mats, weather proofing and much more. See our sustainability page for more information.


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