Indoor Architectural

We design and build fabric structures across the globe, from iconic architectural fabric structures that define a building, to standard fabric canopies that make a statement.

Creative and flexible interior solutions

We have been working with designers creating exciting fabric interiors across all sectors.

The vast range of fabrics that can be used indoors, opens up exciting and creative possibilities for creating eye catching ceilings, wall claddings, or sculptural features for atriums, foyers, reception areas and large communal spaces.

The ability of fabric to span across wide areas with the minimum of structure, means that light weight linings can be used for walls and ceilings in large interior spaces. Add to that the ability to introduce curvature, back lighting and print and we can create some amazing effects.

Framed systems can also be suitable especially for retail applications where flexibility and speed of installation are essential.

From creating extraordinary interior architectural fabric structures, such as the Louis Vuitton flagship Beverly Hills Rodeo Drive store (pictured here), O2 Sponsors Lounge, and the Atrium blinds at the Healthy Living Centre, to producing more conventional installations, such as fabric canopies for point-of-sale or exhibition displays, our versatile skill-set means we can realise any interior installation. Innovation is at the heart of everything we do.

“It has been a pleasure to work with Base Structures on the J.S. Bach Chamber Music Hall. They have a positive attitude and flexible approach towards challenging proposals. Their creativity, breadth of experience, and attention to detail were invaluable to the success of the project.”

Melodie Leung and Gerhild Orthacker

– Zaha Hadid Architects

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Architectural Fabric

Base Structures have been helping architects round the globe create iconic structures – from translucent stadium roofs to curvaceous walkways.

Style and Substance

For architects, tensile fabric provides the opportunity to add drama and curvature to their buildings in an easy and cost effective way. No other building material has the ability to span large distances, allow light through and take a double curved form.

But it’s not all about appearance. Fabric structures can be used in all sorts of ways to provide protection from the elements. This applies not only to improving the outdoor experience for people but can also be used to enhance the environmental performance of the building.

And far from being an expensive option, tensile fabric is considerably cheaper than toughened and laminated glass, and can even be more cost effective than polycarbonate.

Fabric comes in a range of translucencies and colours as well as being available in a mesh form. Different types of technical fabric are available, each with its own merits as outlined in our tensile guide.

Base Structures can help you realise your design concept, using our knowledge of fabrics and structural know how.

“We’ve worked with other fabric contractors over the years. Frankly Base have shown an altogether higher level of service and professionalism.”

Alan Howatson

– Barr Construction

“Thank goodness we were working with Base Structures. They have an incredible ability to deliver complex projects under duress and extreme timescales. Their collaborative approach and innovative thinking was outstanding, and their approach to safety on such a difficult project was second to none. I wouldn’t hesitate to work with Base again – they are a trusted partner and worked seamlessly with us throughout.”

Matthew Birchall

– Director | Sports and Lightweight Structures, Buro Happold on Up at the O2

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