Canopy examples to inspire your next outdoor project

If you’re looking for some inspiration to transform your outdoor space over the summer period, canopies are well worth looking at.

Canopies can reinvent, rejuvenate and bring new colour to an environment, at the same time as being the perfect way of adding shelter, shade and atmosphere to forgotten spaces. In this article, we’ll be looking at some canopy inspiration, whether by adding retractable shade roofs to your outdoor space, or adding sails above garden patio areas.

Here are seven different canopy examples to inspire your next project.

Adding shade to spots that get the sun

In areas that get constant sun, we stock smaller pre-designed canopies that offer excellent shading – especially when strung together or placed in larger areas. For more protection from the glare, we also offer retractable solar shading from major manufacturers. Our expert canopy team can help you design the best fit for your space.

To add atmosphere and partition areas of a building

Canopies act as excellent dividers, adding intrigue and reveals to garden and patio spaces with relatively minimal effort required when it comes to installation and maintenance. They work especially well in smaller garden spaces to create canopy shading, shelter and protection from the elements too.

Adding to hospitality, restaurants and pub gardens

Over the past year or so, many outdoor spaces have been dramatically expanded to ensure capacity is maintained throughout social distancing. Adding a canopy to provide shelter to outdoor spaces is an easy thing to do – canopies can be designed to work around existing seating arrangements and outdoor configurations.

In playgrounds and to increase learning space

As well as providing a vibrant new social and community space suitable for use in all weather conditions to the facilities, a low cost canopy scheme can provide schools and university and educational premises with a covered outdoor learning space, to expand learning facilities and offer new opportunities to learn outside.

To provide shelter for stages

A performance canopy can offer a great central hub for recreation and entertainment for a town center or venue and is highly versatile offering the option to host all manner of events from festival, theatre or music concerts, open air film performances or sporting events. Some of our pre-designed solutions offer demountable rear and side walls that can be removed to prevent vandalism when performances are not taking place. The steelwork can also been specifically designed to support a full range of stage lighting equipment, creating a theatrical facility worthy of any star performance.

For recreation and leisure

With the desire for more outdoor living ever increasing, canopies can bring a number of opportunities for the leisure sectors. Whether providing sun protection during the summer months with attractive umbrella style canopies or more robust seasonal wind shelter, a covered outdoor space will create an inviting space for dining, socialising or events and be a space where customers will want to spend time.

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