Outdoor learning space becoming a must have for education facilities

More and more schools, universities and educational facilities are seeing the benefit of enhancing the fundamental uses of their grounds. For many this means expanding into otherwise unused outdoor spaces, resolving the need for extra capacity and providing an engaging and beneficial environment to enable learning to continue in a range of situations.

Over the last few years we have seen an increase in the demand for outdoor leaning spaces in schools – Base Structures can help install outdoor canopies for leaning, expand break our space or even establish spaces for covered seating and dining. 

Solving a lack of natural shelter 

Some schools particular city and town center facilities suffer from a lack of natural shelter that might be found in more rural settings. Many have found that fabric canopies can resolve this issue, provide sun and rain protection and give a diffused natural daylight as well as becoming a focal point and attractive feature to the grounds. 

Be heat ready for summer

With summer nearly here we hope to have the need to be ‘heat ready’. A good canopy will provide students with the ability to get out of the sun and stay shaded and protected, whether this be on the playground or school transport waiting areas for example. 

Of course with the unpredictability of the British Summer the canopy will be equally as used as cover for those rainy summer days! Luckily canopies can be fitted with lighting and heating to accommodate all weathers. 

School Events and Social Activities 
Many schools are also looking ahead to events such as sports day and considering the benefits of offering covered seating or shelter for spectators and attendees to school events. Canopies also create an encouraging space in which social interaction is possible and they help promote social skills and develop friendship groups among younger age groups.  

Whether you might be considering outdoor teaching space, a dining area, event space, bus shelter or socialising areas, we have a range of options to offer including bespoke or pre-designed solutions to suit all budgets. We can advise you on the right canopy solution for your project. 

If you would simply like some advice or ideas about how you can expand your outdoor space using canopies, we are happy to help

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