The benefits of adding waterproof temporary screens to your next building project

Construction projects can be complex affairs, with many different teams converging on small, often tight spaces to carry out the necessary work in time. Alongside labour-force, these teams also have many different types of equipment on location, some of which are dangerous and need experts to operate and maintain.

Quite often, it makes sense to separate this work environment from the ‘outside world,’ especially in busy town or city locations where the infrastructure of everyday life has to continue working normally.

In this blog post, we will talk through a few benefits of adding temporary screening to a larger scale construction project.

It’s weatherproof

Our fabrics screens are engineered to withstand wind loads and are extremely weatherproof, allowing you to progress work even in the worst of conditions and start internal fit outs ahead of time, and not be held back waiting for glazing or cladding contractors. This has benefits obviously for the speed of the project enabling you to keep to programme and deliver projects on time.

It is fire rated

It’s also important to ensure that temporary screens are safe and comply with all necessary ratings. We can install PVC Coated Polyester temporary screens which have the equivalent to Class 0 fire rated and conform to EN 13501-1.

It keeps the public separate

There are many things to keep track of when a building project is underway, and adding temporary screening gives you the peace of mind that the public are separated from the works and creates ‘no-go zones’.

It reduces risk

Fabric screens are fixed direct to the building structures and don’t require any scaffolding. This means no scaffold is being carried through the completed works and reduces the amount of manual handling. Also time saved on the programme reduces the number of man hours on site and therefore risk.

It keeps things underwraps

Sometimes it’s inevitable when you’re carrying out a large construction or renovation project that you don’t want people seeing the fruits of your labour until it’s properly ready. Temporary screening is especially good if your client is going for a ‘big unveil’ at the end of the project and because it’s so quick to put up and take down, it doesn’t add a huge amount to your team’s workload.

Allows for project adaptability

The nature of most building projects mean that they can change quickly. Weatherproof temporary screens work well because they can be reconfigured at almost any time during the build process. They can be taken down and put up elsewhere easily and can be changed as any building work develops.

It’s affordable and cost saving

With cost at the forefront of your mind, temporary screening can provide separation, weatherproofing and security at a surprisingly affordable price compared to more expensive traditional weatherproofing methods such as sheeted scaffolding. It can even save money through the time saving opportunities it presents.

It’s an inexpensive, flexible and reliable solution that adds value to a construction site.

To find out more about the flexible protection temporary building screening provides, contact us for a friendly initial chat to see how we may be able to help.

5th February 2020

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