Fabric structure surveys: why to get a structural inspection this winter

As the wind and rain move into the UK this winter, tensile fabric structures are under an enormous amount of load – the fabric itself can often be damaged in high winds and rain, and fixtures and fittings can suffer wear after prolonged exposure to the elements. Base Structures offer comprehensive fabric structure surveys for your tensile fabric system – maintaining and replacing, damaged structures where appropriate or advising on the best course of action to keep your system safe and providing the best possible value and aesthetic appeal.

Read on for a few reasons why we think getting a thorough structural inspection this winter is a vital part of your overall building maintenance programme.

Our surveys can get to hard to reach places

Damage to fabric structures can often occur in unseen places – at fixing points for example, or at heights where an inspection with the naked eye can be misleading. Not only can access be difficult to fully assess any damage, it’s also hard without specialist advice to know where to look and where start to fix any issues.

Our structural inspections go beyond just the fabric, we will take a detailed look at the fixtures and fitting and make recommendations to replace elements that may be showing signs of age. We can even make overall improvements to your structure by painting and cleaning steel structures or wire rope systems.

Once the inspection report is completed it will be reviewed internally by our expert fabric technicians, and if necessary can be further analysed by a fully qualified structural engineer where a significant concern has been highlighted.

It will save you more money in the long run

Getting a comprehensive survey from Base Structures doesn’t tie you into a full, expensive canopy replacement. Where appropriate, we’ll make recommendations to suit your budget, and in many cases remedial works can be carried out off the back of a survey that’ll save you more money than investing in a whole new canopy system. We can, for example, carry out a maintenance and cleaning plan to preserve the life of your existing canopy, or make small tensioning adjustments to ensure it stays safe.

Where it’s relevant, we can also discuss with you options for new canopies and fabrics, utilising our expert knowledge to advise on fabric technology and modern enhancements to tensile solutions.

We are fully trained to work at height

Many structural inspections aren’t possible without the ability to look at the issues first hand. That’s why we’re fully trained and certified to work at height, offering the best possible opportunity for us to accurately advise you on the correct next steps. We’ve carried out many repair jobs at height, including wrapping cables on the Severn Bridge and pipe laying at height via rope access. Even if your repair job is relatively small, being able to get in the right position with minimal disruption to the public is key to ensuring efficient and speedy completion.

Our maintenance and replacement services are varied, and we use the whole breadth of Base Structures’ in-house expertise to provide the best possible inspection and survey services for your business. We’ve completed a number of high profile maintenance and replacement jobs across the country, including the famous Mount Stand at Lords Cricket Ground – you can read more about this project in our recent blog post here. For anything else, or if you’d like to discuss getting us along to assess your fabric system and its structural integrity, contact us today.

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