Tensile Fabric Design Visualising your goal

Our team have worked on some of the most iconic tensile fabric structures ever created in the UK.

Using the latest CAD technologies and NDN software, we offer the complete tensile fabric design service, from concept visualisation (in CAD or 3D), through to form finding, load analysis, patterning and designing the critical interactive junction between steel and fabric.

We’re also just as happy working alongside your design team, whether adding that extra layer of specialisation to make your designs complete, or turning initial sketches or ideas into full design plans. And because we gain input from all areas of the process (testing, manufacture, build, maintenance) every concept is driven by sound experience of what works and what doesn’t ensuring you gain a quality product that realises its full anticipated lifespan. This means any complications are designed out early on, ensuring every design we deliver is realistic and achievable, saving you delays and extra costs.