Fabric Facades Fabric Cladding Solutions

The use of tensile fabric as a façade material is proving a highly effective solution with many benefits.

Architectural Impact

New Build  -  Fabric mesh was chosen to form an eye-catching wrap around the Ben Ainslie Racing HQ in Portsmouth.

Refurb  -  The whole frontage of two NEC halls in Birmingham was overclad with backlit 3D shapes and printed fabric façades to provide a dramatic facelift.

Cost Effectiveness 

Replacing tired buildings is expensive, it can be far more cost effective to overclad with a dynamic new façade.




Lightweight Construction 

Together with a lightweight first fix steel framing system the fabric façade puts significantly less loads onto the building compared with some other rain screen systems. 

Fast Installation 

Large fabric panels can be installed quickly reducing the construction programmes.

Climate Façades and Environmental performance 

Overcladding deliver savings in energy whilst still maintaining views out. Studies have shown up to 70% savings in power needed for cooling by overcladding a glazed building with a fabric mesh. It also increases the level of insulation and eliminates glare. 


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