Salt barn and sand storage maintenance for winter

As autumn is now upon us it is a good time to prepare ahead for the winter months. Wind damage to temporary structures can be prevented with forward maintenance planning. A loose panel or tow and the structure is vulnerable in the wind, but by maintaining good tension in the panels and keeping the fabric in good condition, extensive expensive repairs can be avoided.

Keeping salt and sand safely contained

Every year as snow and ice hit our roads, we require thousands of tonnes of salt and minerals to keep us moving and to be placed on major transport routes across the country. Temporary modular salt barns and storage facilities keep it secure and prevent it spoiling by being exposed to the wind and rain and to keep it from escaping into the surrounding environment which can be harmful as salts have corrosive properties.

It is important to maintain the integrity of the structure to ensure it remains sturdy, robust and contains the salt in controlled conditions, which is vital for it to be effective when winter comes around.

Energy Efficiency

Fabric structures of this nature can be temporary but also extremely durable and last many years as required. Because they are lightweight they offer a more energy efficient installation process requiring far less powered equipment than other more traditional construction methods and building types. They also provide natural daylight to filter through offering energy savings on lighting needs for the interior.

By maintaining the fabric roof of the structure you can ensure the integrity and cleanliness of the structure and the continued level of sufficient natural daylight and weather protection.

Fabric expertise at Base

Base Structures have repaired salt and sand storage barns in various locations across the UK and would be happy to discuss your requirements.

Contact us today to discuss your requirements in more detail, and let our experienced team guide you through the process.

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