Social distancing: fabric structures and canopies for adapting to a new world

In recent months, we’ve all faced unique situations which have forced us all to adapt quickly. Inevitably, this has had consequences on our communities and local businesses. We know, for instance, that all organisations around the world are having to re-think many aspects of social interaction, utilising outdoor space to a far greater degree and adapting existing systems to cater for what most of us now recognise as the ‘new normal.’

Whether we like the phrase or not, we now all recognise the need to act quickly and responsibly to get our society up and running in a way that would have seemed incomprehensible just six months ago. It’s a fast-moving situation, and we acknowledge the part we can play in working out how to create suitable environments so businesses can return to profitability in a short amount of time.

Our range of canopies can assist with space creation and help optimise outdoor environments to retain social distancing and safe spacing between customers.

Entrances, Queuing and Walkways

Many premises such as retail parks, zoos, sports venues, theme parks, offices and industrial units are having to consider options for distancing as people queue to enter the building, park, buy tickets or use various facilities. For many of these environments, social distancing has reduced the amount of people allowed in any one space, and we recognise that products such as queuing canopies and covered walkways need to fit into existing spaces, look good and feel part of the businesses. Base Structures are well placed to help you get going with this.

A fabric canopy, for example, can provide weather-proofing for those queueing and waiting to enter your business, and provide space to enable them to adequately distance whilst doing so.

This could be a temporary, relocatable canopy option, designed with their own ballast so no foundations would be required. This gives greater flexibility for short term solutions and canopies for social distancing could be turned quickly – in as little as 4 weeks.

Outdoor dining for restaurants, pubs and communal spaces

Many premises require new options for outdoor eating and drinking, and Base Structures recognise that it’s not just restaurants, bars and cafés. All establishments with need for communal canteen space, such as work places, office break-out spaces, leisure facilities and recreational attractions will need to rethink table spacing and social interaction, even if that’s outside.

We have a range of products perfectly suited for garden and terrace use. These allow businesses to create more space outdoors, and provide that crucial flexibility to allow for distancing – spreading-out tables and enabling large areas to be fully covered and sheltered from the elements.

Education Canopies and Learning Spaces

We are all aware of the importance of getting our young people back into learning environments, and we understand that many people are working around to clock to devise intelligent solutions to allow the return of pupils and students safely and effectively. We’ve worked for many schools around the country providing fabric shelters for their outdoor spaces, and these areas have now become very valuable as establishments look to provide temporary solutions to enable the use of play areas and maximise learning activities outdoors. These canopies allow greater social distancing whilst providing the ability to be able to continue to offer operational playing spaces, or even enable classroom extensions to be able to teach outside.

Transport Shelter Canopies

We now have the potential for lasting positive change to sustainability and the reduction in toll our infrastructure takes on the environment. Naturally, many people are reconsidering their transport methods, and cycling and use of electric vehicles are both on the increase and set to be firmly established in our way of operating.

Bike park canopies and pavilions can allow for increased bike storage for all manner of public spaces, leisure facilities, offices or schools. Car park canopies are also a great way to provide more space for those using electric vehicles where charging stations are installed

If this blog post has got you thinking about the potentials to use outdoor space to reopen your business, contact us to discuss a fabric structure with our team. If you have a question about the ways to expand your outdoor space, we can also help, and would happily provide our expertise on a range of pre-designed canopies that are both budget friendly and flexible.

We recognise that the world is changing quickly, and the solution you need now might not be the one you need in a few months’ time. This is why our pre-designed canopies could be so useful – their inherent flexibility allows you to re-use and reconfigure them at any point.

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