Products Creative

Our in house expertise and unparalleled success with creative projects has made us the go-to experts for the artistic and creative sector We work alongside creatives from first ideas to helping finalise designs and build solutions to execute their overall vision perfectly

At Base Structures our tensile fabric solutions are creative by nature and we are a creative bunch who get excited to find ways to fulfil our client's needs. We use this approach to find solutions to all manner of design and build projects or art installations. 

We have a good track record in the creative sector, our in house expertise have made us the go-to experts for artistic and creative jobs. We work with artists, photographers, event organisers and more to create stunning displays. 

Our specialism comes in executing ideas - listening and making them 'doable' from a logistical and financial point of view. We nurture ideas working with artists and creatives from early stages to helping them execute their overall vision.