Temporary Building Screening Effective and Flexible Protection

We provide temporary screening, construction site screens and weatherproof fabric screens. 

If you are carrying out extensive site works or a refit, there are FOUR reasons to consider temporary fabric building screening:

It provides privacy covering areas you might want to protect from the general public - either to keep people away for their safety or maybe you are not yet ready to launch. 

Protection - Wind and Water
With robust waterproofing and wind sheltering you can allow works to progress even in turbulent weather conditions and negate building programme delays.

We recognise that when projects change quickly, flexible solutions are key. Covered scaffolding and traditional hoardings can be labour intensive and difficult to move. Temporary fabric screening is versatile and opens up more options.

Low Cost Option
Engineered fabric screening saves you time and therefore money. We've worked with contractors who swear by its performance, enabling them to fast-track fit-outs, new-builds and renovation works in all outdoor conditions.



Some key benefits of temporary screening include:

  • Quick to install and demount
  • Fully weatherproof
  • Easily adaptable to suit build programmes (move it as work progresses)
  • Mountable on existing structures. It doesn't usually require scaffolding, meaning time putting it up is kept at a minimum
  • Ideal for unusual, large, complex or curved apertures and temporary roofing
  • Easy to clean

There are many different uses for weatherproof temporary screening, including:

  • Weatherproofing entire new build structures to allow an internal fit out
  • Screening off unsightly temporary works from operational areas or partial demolition sites
  • Sealing huge apertures to separate temporary works from operational areas, or for building extensions
  • Adaptable screening for fast track build programmes
  • The large areas of high performance and versatile temporary weather screening allowed even the most sensitive of the fit-out works to progress in the poorest of weather conditions.
    Giles Cranidge (Mace Limited)
    Dublin T2 temporary screening project

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