Temporary Building Screening Flexible and Effective Protection

Whether protecting an existing site during a major refit or enabling a fast-track new-build scheme to progress on schedule - temporary fabric screening is a highly versatile alternative to more traditional options.

While hoarding or covered scaffolding are cumbersome, labour intensive and inflexible, engineered fabric screening is: 

  • quick to install and demount
  • weatherproof
  • durable (industrial grade fabric)
  • easily adaptable to suit build programmes (move it as work progresses)
  • mountable on existing structures (doesn’t usually require scaffolding)
  • ideal for large, complex or curved apertures and temporary roofing
  • easy to clean and environmentally friendly

Most importantly, when time is so closely tied to project profitability, a fabric screening solution can save you when you need it most, offsetting weather induced delays and speeding up build programmes.

Typical applications include:

  • Weatherproofing entire new build structures to allow internal fit out
  • Screening off unsightly temporary works areas
  • Sealing huge apertures to separate temporary works from operational areas
  • Adaptable screening for fast track build programmes
temporary works
temporary works
temporary works
  • The large areas of high performance and versatile temporary weather screening allowed even the most sensitive of the fit-out works to progress in the poorest of weather conditions.
    Giles Cranidge (Mace Limited)
    Dublin T2 temporary screening project

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