How the Right Mesh Enclosures Can Improve Animal Welfare at the Zoo

For our clients who run and manage zoos, animal welfare it their top priority. Most zoos exist as an opportunity not just for the public to see animals up close, but to preserve their habitat in the most natural way possible as well as working to preserve and increase their numbers. In the case of our work with London Zoo’s Sumatran Tiger enclosure, it is often to create a home and a natural space for some of the world’s most engendered animals.

In this blog post, we’re going to look at three ways choosing a mesh structure can improve the lives of animals in a zoo.

It’s not a ‘cage’

Mesh structures are by their very definition flexible, pliable and see-through. They don’t ‘cage’ the animals in and often exist to create the most open environment possible for the animals. They create an almost invisible barrier between the animal and the visitor and allow people to get up-close to areas that would be otherwise inaccessible. It’s better for the animal, and far better for people who come to see them!

They create an open feel without compromising safety

Our experience helping to create enclosures in zoos across the country has given us good access and knowledge of some of the world’s most feared animals. Understandably, safety is a primary concern when making a home for the animals, and mesh structures are of high-quality, especially strong, stainless steel meshes. Of course, any concept for a mesh structures needs to be thoroughly designed and rigorously tested. We sort that in-house, so you can be confident leaving that bit to us.

They’re cost effective, allowing zoos the ability to spend on creating happy, sustainable environments

It’ll come as no shock to hear that keeping animals is expensive business. Care and maintenance of their environment is an important factor and a major cost to keep track of. Mesh structures can be designed and built to a variety of budgets and timescales, so it’s a cost-effective way to secure the enclosure before making the environment inside as enjoyable as possible for the animals. There’s an added benefit for the visitor too – as mesh structures are see-through the time spent on making enclosures attractive can also be enjoyed by the zoo’s customers outside it!

It’s important that expert advice is sought before attempting any mesh installation for animals. We’ve years of experience , so contact us or click here for more information about mesh enclosures for zoos.



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